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As a New Year begins.

Firstly,let me wish a Healthy and very Happy New Year to everyone!

The past 2 years have very challenging for musicians and creative people of all kinds.

A sincere "thank you" to the people that directly helped during that time whether it was to buy a CD or download or attend my Online lessons or book me for a remote recording.

Remote recording!Already i have a number of projects in the book for 2022 and have further upgraded my software and hardware at my home studio even further.

So looking forward to working and collaborating with some amazing people around the Globe.While travel and Live shows may be restricted it is entirely possible to continue to explore musical projects together and i am delighted to bring my 50 years of experience.

Yes 50 years this coming year!Quite a landmark indeed,

That's a lifetime of learning,playing instruments,touring,recording and mixing and in that time i have also built an impressive collection of quality instruments that i use on projects,so all of that is available to you for your next song or instrumental release.

Really happy to connect with people advise and talk about your music,just send me a message on my contact form here or on my social media.

So as a New Year approaches lets connect together even more and support each other directly and wising you the most wonderful Year ahead to every one of you,see you there!

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