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Can we bypass "Digital Piranha"?

Is it still possible to be an independent Musician in the current digital landscape?Live concerts seem to be the primary income left for musicians now as Streaming services have cornered almost all of the profit without returning a proper share back to the composers/creators/musicians and destroying Cd sales in the process which had been a source of income previously.

Is that a fair model?

Watch "The Playlist" on Netflix.

What incentive is there for musicians to share the Art they create with the public? Can we bypass these "Digital Piranha"systems by organising between ourselves and supporting musicians directly?

There are 2 things which can help,Friday 5th April is Bandcamp Friday where the thoughtful people at Bandcamp forego their share of sales and give the profit directly to the musicians.It's the only attempt to be fair online that i know of and should be supported.

At 10 euro for an album download(you can donate more if you wish)it's not expensive and directly helps the artists.

My link to Bandcamp is here for the "From Gray to Blue"album.

Secondly,please go to my YouTube channel and subscribe,it's totally free and you have access to all my video/audio releases from there.The link is here.

Many thanks.

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