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Over 1 Million views on YouTube video!

I was impressed to discover a video on YouTube which featured a recording of a track that we recorded here in Ireland and has reached over a Million viewers! Given the great ability of the Singer and all the team involved i suppose i shouldn't be too surprised that fans have reacted in such a positive way.That's Fantastic!

I remember on the day of the recording session that everything went very smoothly at Grouse Lodge studio and i recall most takes(if not all)were recorded in 1 take,that's a very high level of professionalism indeed.The Guitars i used were Acoustic,12 string and Nylon string on all songs 3 different songs in total were recorded on the same day and were finished under the time allocated for the session and i remember the Engineer at the Studio asking"Are you finished already?"The singer and I looked at each other and answered a resounding "Yes!"Probably the most smooth recording session in all the recordings over my 50 year of playing.

Have a listen to the result in the video for yourself for one of the songs and join the Millions of Fans who gave the thumbs up in appreciation for this Classic version.

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