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Silky Flanks Video composed by Brian Dunning.

It's the first time to me make this kind of a video but i did learn a lot in the process! Between practicing the piece itself, transcribing the written sheet music, recording and editing the video with scrolling sheet music has taken me a month of working on it.

It's a wonderful piece and the original Guitarist was Mícheál Ó Domhnaill and composed by Irish Flute player Brian Dunning and performed by the group Nightnoise. This video is part of a wider project that i am working on and i will look to forward to bring more material as it's completed.

In the meantime i am happy that as a result of the completion of this video a number of people have taken on the task of learning to play this composition as well and that in itself is rewarding and a lovely tribute to the wonderful musicians who performed and composed the original track. Thanks to the @artscouncouncilireland for their support.

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