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The Robots already have enough work!

While i am continuing to explore the best way of creating realistic Midi String Orchestral Arrangements with Sample libraries,which, even with the best libraries available bringing a natural human touch to the performance takes careful programming.

Of course while the correct use of Modulation,Expression and Sustain all help to create a more realistic performance there are a lot of Parameters to tweak to sound more human. So employ a Human!Perhaps hiring a real Orchestra is quite out of my budget right now but hiring a single Violin player to play the exposed top Melody lines or a real Cello player to add real texture alongside the sampled Strings is a great way to go!

The robots already have enough work!

Bringing in a real player can really enrich the performance and apart from helping to keep professional players employed(especially at this time)Humans sound human and robots can sound,,well..robotic.By utilizing both together a more emotional and expressive performance can be achieved on a low budget.

Of course merging both the sampled and real sounds to co-exist does take careful mixing and stereo placement and that is well worth the discovery.

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