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Welcome to the Seán Whelan Musician Blog.

Updated: May 20, 2020

Dear Friends,

Thank you for meeting here on the new Blog and Website!

I believe that we can create a community together and my hope is that through this space we can share a vision of how we would like the future to be. It's time for a fresh start,the world system will change from now on so lets move forward together and learn to listen and value each others contribution for a sustainable,organic and healthy new world. As a musician who is in contact with many people around the world i would like to discuss and update new information during this global crisis.

I welcome your comments and views on the posts and will bring you the stories behind the making of the music as well as new material and personal lifestyle views and share with you the path of being a professional musician. Please join me on the journey together!

Best Wishes,

Seán Whelan.

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